Importing Flows / .xml

I am having difficulty importing flows.
I have tried to import both an .xml file, and a Dorico file (stand alone import of the same .xml file).
In both cases, I am unable to check the box in the dialogue screen, or achieve merge of instruments.
When I import, all the voices get duplicated, even though it is the same instruments in both files: SATB plus organ - so I get Organ1 Organ 2 etc.
Any thoughts on what is going on.

You don’t need to check the box in the dialog when importing MusicXML files, only when importing flows from an existing Dorico project file. A MusicXML file can only ever contain a single flow, so there’s no question about what is being imported, which is why the checkbox is disabled.

OK thanks - that makes sense. Any thoughts on why the instruments will not merge?

It is difficult to tell without seeing the specific files, but Dorico must have some reason for deciding that they are not the same sort of instrument. Perhaps different numbers of staves, or something like that? If you post the files here, or cut down versions of them, then we can take a look.

Different configurations of stops, for example, may convince Dorico that the organs are different instruments.

I have found that Dorico sometimes misinterprets an XML score piano as two separate instruments.

It’s very simple to fix though.

(Note: I’ve not had to do this yet with D5 so my data points might be out of date)

Here is the ‘Main’ file I want to import into, plus the first file ‘Gloria’ that I want to import: plus the weird import I get when I ask Dorico to use the same instruments.
Missa Brevis II_cut.dorico (1.0 MB)
Gloria_cut.dorico (1.2 MB)
Missa Brevis II_import.dorico (1.1 MB)

When importing XML files I also get this problem: the same instrument is not always recognized, so whit an import of 5 separate XML files I end up with 5 different (=same) players on 5 different (=same) instruments. I can move the instruments to 1 player, but still have 1 player with 5 instruments, numbered from 1 to 5.
How to merge them into 1?

It appears the original vocal parts were a mix of Lead, Voice and Bass instruments. Also the Soprano Alto players have different names (an extra space in one). These differences probably confuse Dorico into thinking they are all different?

You have to physically move the notation from player (2-5) into player 1, then delete the redundant players (You can’t just drag the instrument in setup). It’s quick to do with any of duplicate, copy/paste or move.

I am sorry, but do not quite grasp it, I believe you when you say it is not difficult, but I still cannot find the right way!
You do not mean this, I think?

The result is then one player who has all the different instruments.
Or do you mean to go to write mode, select the complete flow and then what?

Thank you for this. Can you point me to the part of the documentation that discusses this aspect of Instruments? I am not familiar with these concepts. But it looks like I can fix this, so thank you!!

I have tried to use Edit Instrument Definition to make both Dorico files the same, but I still cannot import the flow from one to the other without duplicate voices. Any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong?

You may not be doing anything wrong. But you are a class act to phrase it this way instead of starting to blame someone or something. Kudos!

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The reason Dorico “thinks” these are different instruments are:

  • the first file uses the “Lead” instrument for SA and the “Bass” instrument for TB, while the second file uses the “Voice” instrument for both
  • the Organ is a custom instrument in both files, presumably because it is a two-staff Organ in your original XML file rather than Dorico’s default of three-staff

There are several ways you might want to fix that. You can either take your merged version and just copy and paste all the material from one instrument into the other. Alternatively, you could start with the two separate files, create a new empty flow in one of them and again use copy and paste between scores. (Edit > Select to End of Flow will help.) Or you could start with the separate files, use “Change Instrument” in Setup mode to ensure the instruments match between the two files, and then import flows from one into the other.

Write mode. Copy and paste from Carillon 3 to Carillon 1, then delete Carillon 3. etc.

Thanks Richard - this is a bit nightmarish.
Using the information you provided, I have made new ‘instruments’ based on Voice: Choir-Upper and Choir-Lower. I have done this in each movement. But when I import, the import has the music reversed high/low but with the staves correct!! There is clearly something I am not understanding here. Any thoughts - thank you for bearing with this.
Kyrie_short.dorico (1.1 MB)
Gloria_short.dorico (1.2 MB)
Missa Brevis II_short.dorico (1.1 MB)

You’re using new (user-defined) instruments rather than any of the built-in ones, so they end up with internal identifiers like instrument.user.voice and instrument.user.voice.2 - there’s no built-in order for those and it just happens that they’re the opposite way round in each project. If you just want to fix things in this one project, then the easiest thing to do is to select everything on the vocal staves in the second flow (including the initial clefs) and do Edit > Paste Special > Swap. Alternatively you go back to your source files and change them to well-defined instruments like “Soprano” or “Bass” (and just edit the names).

On the other hand you might find it more straightforward to import everything as separate players first, then create a new set of players (which will initially be attached to all of the flows, unlike the imported players), and then use copy and paste to paste from the imported players into the new ones. The “merge” feature of import is really intended for the situation in which your source files were all created in a similar way - if they are different then it won’t work so well.

Thanks, yes that works, but in the proces you loose all flow information, and you have to make and define the flows again.
So the order in which to do things is rather important here, first read in everything, then copy/paste, split in flows and only then define the flowtokens etc.
A bit more work than I hoped for, but not too bad, you cannot have everything!

OK thanks so much. I think I now understand, and I have certainly managed to make it work.
Thanks for your help!