Importing Folders removes audio from existing tracks

There’s a bit annoying Cubase behavior I don’t understand.

When using import tracks from project -
Importing only Channel and Inspector Settings to Destination Tracks (without events) when ticking individual tracks works great.

But when importing an entire folder (which saves time instead of ticking every track individually), all current audio events will be deleted from all tracks in the imported folder.
It doesn’t really makes sense - the expected behavior is for all audio events to stay, as I expect only inspector setting to change, the same way it behaves when the same individual tracks are imported.

I just tried and it’s working correctly here. Could you post a screenshot of your Import Dialog Window.

This way - audio stays in place

This was audio files disappear (only difference is folder ticked)

Result -

You’re actually telling it to not Import the Audio Events. The ‘Events and Parts’ box should be checked to have it Import the Tracks’ content. But that leaves the opposite mystery - the same box is unchecked in the the pic you said did work.

This is not related to your problem but I’d also recommend having it copy the Media to the Project Folder so everything is in one place.

Maybe I wasn’t clear on this -
But I don’t want it to import the Events.
I’m only importing the inspector setting from another song to this one.
The audio events in this project shouldn’t be changed.

This is what happens in the first example - tracks settings/eq/insert changes, audio events stay as they were = good! :slight_smile:

Adding the folder to the import - changes the inspector setting but also deletes the audio events = bad! :frowning:

OK, I hadn’t noticed that you are Importing onto existing Tracks instead of creating New Tracks.

I can confirm this behavior
Here’s the steps to recreate

  1. Create a new Project with several Audio Tracks with Audio Events in a Folder.
  2. Use “Save As…” to create an identical copy of the Project
  3. Open “Import Tracks from Project” choose the copied Project & Select all the Tracks in the Folder, but not the Folder itself
  4. Use the “Select Matching” button to set the Destinations the same as the Source Tracks
  5. In the “Track Data to be Imported” make sure that ONLY “Channel and Inspector Settings” is selected. The other 2 options should not be selected.
  6. Then hit OK to execute the Importation
  7. Notice that all the Audio Events remain on their respective Tracks
  8. Repeat steps 1-6, except in step 3 Select the Folder itself to choose the Tracks in it
  9. This time when the Import is finished all the Audio Events on the Tracks will be deleted.

im not in front of cubase right now, but maybe this workaround would help .try to “lock” the tracks or “lock” only the events from the info line, maybe they won’t be deleted ?

Tried it, the same behavior continues

I have the same issue (Cubase 11.0.41). It also applies when you want to import the folder and it’s containing audio tracks WITH the audio events. Normal behaviour (as it is written in the manual) should be the creation of a new track version with the new audio on it. Instead, you get a new track version without the audio, just empty tracks. This does not happen if you import the audio tracks individually.

But there is more: try to import an audio track with audio events that contain audio warp and vari audio editing on it. The audio warp data gets importet, the vari audio data gets lost. This happens of course only if you import the audio tracks individually. When you try to import a whole folder with the audio events (that contain the audio warp and vari audio data) you will get empty tracks like described above.

But this seems to be not a new thing in Cubase, there is an old thread from a year ago that descirbes the same behaviour (loosing the vari audio data when importing tracks with audio events that contains vari audio data).

Thread: VariAudio lost after track archive import on different PC - #2 by Tomess