Importing from Cubase ELements

okay i just upgraded from Cubase Elements 8 to Cubase Pro

I have all my projects in Elements 8

I have save presets for inserts, mixing/mastering , for stereo output etc

I have VST’s i purchased and others free and settings from them

I have multiple projects in Elements

I want to import all into Pro but I search threads for answers and have not found anything conclusive.

I hope this is possible not to lost all my work , thanks

Have you tried just opening the projects in Pro?

As far as i’m aware it SHOULD work just fine… i’ve opened projects from a friend who has ‘Artist’ many times.
If you have 3rd party plugins you might have to enter their paths in the plugin manager if they’re not in one of cubases’ default locations… that’s for another post though.

Yes, matjones is absolutely correct. LE-projects open fine in Pro, no need to import anything. In case of missing plugins check out the plugin manager.