Importing garageband into cubasis

Very strange! I have problems to import GB tracks into Cubasis?
I try to import 16 bars from GB into Cubasis and then it will be placed in Cubasis over 18 bars?
The bars dont match even if the beats pm are the same in GB and Cubasis!
Hope you understad my question and are able to explain me!

I just tried it. I created a 16 bar segment in GB (at 120 bpm) using smart strings then emailed it to my self. Opened it up in Cubasis and then imported it into a new project that was set at 120 bpm. The result is an audio event with exactly 16 bars.

I’m not sure what problem you are having. Although, if you have a lot of reverb and echoe on the track then it will export at a longer length then 16 bars. This is referred to as the effects tail.

See my image below to see the results of pasting in a 16 bar track from GB.

Is that the only way to get GB tracks into Cubasis? How do you get individual tracks separated from a complete tune of 8 tracks in GB? Any virtual Midi workaround?

GB works funny with other apps. Copy and paste into GB no problem. Copy from GB into other apps? NOPE! It will be interesting to see if GB gets Audiobus support. i’m sure Apple is kicking themselves that they didn’t think of Audiobus first. :wink:

Thanks for your help Akamarko:-)
I forgot to tell you that GB is the version for Ipad.
I will try again according to your info, I 'll let you know
If I succeed!
Is there any way to move all the tracks, audio and midi from GB
into Cubasis and work on the project in Cubasis, or is it only possible to
import one mixed audiotrack?
Yes lets hope GB soon will adopt AudioBuss support.
Have a nice weekend!

I was using the iPad version of GB as well. Right now the only option to get files from GB to Cubasis is to export your mix or export a solo track, then email it to your self. You could also copy it over to your desktop via iTunes the import it into Cubasis via iTunes but there’s some extra steps.

The only drawback to mailing the GB file to yourself is that it will be converted to a compressed m4a file.
Here’s a link to a YouTube file someone posted here a while ago showing the GB > mail > Cubasis workflow.

I believe the latest GarageBand update has audiobus support. when setting up the processes, I can only get GarageBand on the output not the input. Am I missing something? My first attempt to record music I am not actually using instruments on… Started out pretty well but no playback to show for it …yet. Gotta dust off those reel to reel units. Could use a suggestion. Al

GarageBand only supports the output slot when using Audiobus. In other words, you are limited to recording in to GarageBand and no recording out. This is a strange hangup Apple has. It’s the same with their audio copy/paste handling. You can copy audio from other apps and paste it into GB but you can’t copy existing audio from GB and paste it into other apps.

Just wondering, being new to iOS music applications, is the an Audiobus compatible app that performs along the same lines as GarageBand that CAN be routed thru Audiobus and recorded to Cubasis?

Audioshare. I leave it in the output slot when I’m doodling with a synth. If I stumble on a pleasant groove hit record and copy paste or play/record it into Cubasis. Loopy HD is also great for capturing ideas for later use in Cubasis. Audioshare and Loopy HD both work as either Audiobus inputs or outputs.