Importing GrooveAgent SE percussion kit to Dorico 5

I’ve created a 16-pad percussion kit in GA SE. I’d like to assign that kit to an existing Dorico percussion player.

The Dorico documentation “Importing percussion kits” says that Dorico looks for exported kits that have filenames with .doricolib extensions. However, GA exports kits with filenames ending in .vstpreset. Dorico thus doesn’t find any kits I create in GA & export.

Is there a way to circumvent this constraint?

Note that I’m not trying to import a pattern. I’m interested in creating a custom Dorico percussion map that uses GA sounds to play a part I created in Dorico.

Dorico can’t import Groove Agent percussion kits, I’m afraid. The only kind of kit you can import or export in Dorico is a percussion kit definition created in Dorico itself.


Well, no wonder it hasn’t worked. I’d figured, since both programs were Steinberg products (or am I wrong about that too?) that there had to be a way to exchange kits, especially since both programs have kit-generation features and b/c Dorico IS able to import patterns generated by GA. Boy, I wasted a lot of time on that.

Plan B for me, I guess, will be to generate a new kit within Dorico using sounds provided by a VST like the bundled Halion Sonic plug-in. I’ve only used NotePerformer with Dorico – would you recommend Halion as a good choice for better-sounding unpitched instruments?

One other thing: If I create a new percussion kit and add it to my existing percussion player, the MIDI events already assigned to that player don’t automatically move to the new kit. If I delete the original percussion instrument from that player, all the previously entered MIDI data vanishes with it. Even if I’m able to create a new kit and assign it to my percussion player, how would I transfer my existing part to the new kit?

I’d expected that whatI’m trying to do would be pretty simple: Playing an existing percussion part with a different set of toms, cymbals, etc. without changing anything that would appear in a traditional cellulose-based score.

Still struggling. I’m not familiar with Dorico templates, but do I need to edit my existing template or choose a different one? If I do migrate this player to Halion, I’d need a template that would work with both NotePerformer and Halion VSTs.

As always, I appreciate your help. Even when I get overwhelmed by the complexity of this system, you’re the guy who can talk me off the ledge with just a few sentences.

If you’re working with a regular drum set, then setting it up to play back using Groove Agent SE rather than the standard drum kits in HALion Sonic is indeed easy. In general, the drum kits are all at least basically General MIDI-compatible, which means that at least the basic instruments (kick, snare, toms, hi-hats, cymbals) will all work without you needing to do anything other than simply change the VST instrument used in Play mode.

To do that, go to Play mode, and select the track corresponding to the drum set. In the left-hand panel, switch to the VST & MIDI tab and add a new entry to the rack, and load Groove Agent SE into that slot. Then switch to the Track Inspector tab, and in the Routing section, change the VST instrument to Groove Agent SE. Using the drop-down menus below for expression map and percussion map, ensure that an appropriate percussion map is selected: start with General MIDI or Yamaha XG.

You don’t need to do anything to the actual percussion kit instrument in Dorico itself.



I’d given up on GrooveAgent after your first message and began struggling with Halion Sonic 7 a few days ago, again unsuccessfully.

To reiterate, I want to assign a different set of sounds to an existing drum part – that is, switch a percussion player from NotePerformer to a different VST plug-in without changing the printable score.

I’d guessed that this would entail: i) using the VST to assign sounds from the VST library to specific MIDI pitches; ii) organizing those assigned sounds into something analogous to a percussion kit; iii) importing the resulting percussion kit into Dorico, where it could be assigned to my existing player in Play Mode as an “instrument”. It seems so simple. But I see now that there’s more to it than that.

Update #2:
I made progress by following your instructions. My drum part is now associated with the GrooveAgent SE VST plug-in, a “Default” expression map, and a “General MIDI” percussion map. The drum player’s previously entered notes are still intact. Yay.

However, I get no sound from this part when I play the score. And, based on their names, the individual percussion instruments (toms, cymbals, etc.) assigned to this player still appear to be the original NotePerformer instruments. I’m missing something obvious, perhaps something related to kloewen’s problem.

FWIW, I’m not very familiar with Dorico’s templates, percussion maps, or expression maps, so maybe an incorrect map or template selection could be the problem. Maybe I need to build a “NotePerformer + GrooveAgent” template?

Would it be helpful to send you a copy of the Dorico project?

Yes, it would be helpful if you could either attach the project here, or if you’re uncomfortable with attaching it in this thread, send it to me by way of a private message.