Importing in Nuendo audio file and metadata from Adobe Audition

Hi there,
I’m trying to import in Nuendo markers exported from Adobe Audition together with the audio file (.wav).
I have no problem in importing audio file but Nuendo do not import the metadata (markers)…
Seem to be strange… Logic Pro X recognize it suddenly and ask for importing them too.
Any Idea?

I tried to export from Audition the XML and the OMF but with the same result, no markers imported!

Thank you for the help

Best wishes,

Have you (can you make.?) an example file from Audition, you could attach here for the team (or others on the forum) to look at.? What version of Audition (old/new.?) Is it a MAC only thing perhaps.?

(not a Nuendo user, but curious Cubase-er.!)


AFAIR, the only exchange protocol that supports markers is AES31.