Importing Index Marks from CD

In Wavelab 8.5 (Win7), we can use File>Import>Audio CD to read and import the audio, track start/end marks and CD Text from an existing CD. But we have not been able to find a way to import Index Marks.

I know that in the Audio Montage “Markers” window you can place Index Marks. But how do we import those marks from an existing CD? One of our typical CDs has 10 audio tracks, but each track has an average of 15 index marks within in. That’s 150 marks we’d have to re-make by hand if they can’t be imported.

Yes, I know most CD players these days don’t even acknowledge or display index marks, but this is for a specialized application used on players which do.

Thanks for any help.

There is not such option because the standard CD read commands don’t permit this. To be able to doc this, one must use commands that varies with the CD drive brand, and even so, this is not reliable enough (at least from my experience).
Maybe you can find more specialized software that can do it, however.

There is no index of index marks as there is for tracks, so the whole CD has to be read. I would look for software that can generate an image of a CD with a cue file, and which places the index marks in that cue file. Then there would at least be documentation of their positions and (maybe?) the possibility of writing a script to regenerate them…

Old topic, but if anyone has this need, there are at least two programs, EAC and Feurio, that can do this. I’ve only tried EAC. It detects gaps and index marks from virtually any drive (after a short initial setup), and then can write a wav/cue image that can easily be imported to Wavelab. The index marks are not named in the cue file (as I named them when making the CD in Wavelab), but I’m not sure that’s possible anyway. They appear as “Index 02”, “Index 03” in the cue file and then are un-named index marks in the Wavelab montage import.

I’d be surprised if any mastering program can do this from any drive, as EAC can.