Importing, inserting tuplets in a score file

I have a midi file I imported to Dorico. I get to a measure where the tuplets did not quantize properly, so I deleted the notes and inserted the “space” where they go.
Now when I try to insert/write the actual tuplet, it shifts into the next beat. I’ve eliminated any hidden rests from the left hand, which plays quarter note chords.
I’ve used the two ways I know how to insert tuplets, and it still makes errors.
Any suggestions?
Attached are the original I want to write in and a before and after look.

Unless I am missing something here… Try using 5:4. 8 16th notes (2 flags) takes up the space of 2 quarter notes, not one.

Make sure you have 16th selected before adding the notes and the tuplet.


The option you tried to use converts existing notes (and rests) in the score into tuplets.

So when you select the 16th note G and created the tuplet, you took five 16th-notes of the existing notation (i.e. the G, the dotted 8th rest and the first 16th of the A after the rest), and made them into a tuplet eight 16th-notes long.

Since 8 notes are longer than 5, you ended up overlapping the following notes.

This sort of thing can be useful if you are in insert mode, because the following music would then all be pushed to the right to make room, but that is not what you want to do either.

The correct way is to double click on the quarter note rest to get the note entry caret positioned at the start of the rest. Then press 4 to select 16th notes, press ; to create a tuplet, type 5:4 in the popover and hit return, then enter the five notes.

You can then press : to stop creating quintuplets, press 3 to select 32nd notes, press ; and type 7:8, and enter the second tuplet. That will overwrite the quarter note A, which you don’t want anyway.

(Don’t forget to press : after the first tuplet, otherwise you will create a 7:8 tuplet nested inside another 5:4 tuplet, which again is not what you want!)