importing into a flow

First… love the workflow & structure & the quality of the output. Can’t use it for most of my proper work yet, at least not until 1st & 2nd time bars are implemented, and when it’s possible to create cues in parts.

Major annoyance right now… is it possible to import an xml file into one flow? I want to import a new movement into a second flow, but I can’t seem to get this to work.

Or… is it possible to import a flow in one Dorico file into a flow in another file? Cutting & pasting would seem to be the way, but I can’t get the ‘Select All’ option in the Edit menu to select anything at all, no matter what window I’m in, and it’s not realistic to make a marquee selection for a whole piece. Is this just something that hasn’t been implemented yet (in which case happy to wait for appropriate update), or am I missing something?

I have a couple of other questions, but I’ll post them separately as they’re not related to this.

I’ve been asking about this, and I’m told that importing MusicXML into a specific flow isn’t possible yet but it’s coming. It seems to me in general that a score in Sibelius, say, very often will correspond to a flow in Dorico. I have a book of 18 cello pieces in Sibelius, which I’d like to import into 18 separate flows in Dorico.