Importing key commands from different daws

I would like to see that you could import key commands from different daw´s because many users like me come from another daw and are used to those key commands.
That would be a fantastic feature!

true +1 … it’s much easier to convince people to switch when they don’t have to relearn how to do EVERYTHING.

Obviously, key commands from DAW to DAW won’t match up 1:1, but at the very least, there should be a more comprehensive list of default keycommand presets… I think they have Pro Tools, Logic, and Sonar… but they should also include, FL Studio, Ableton, Audition, Reaper, etc… idk, maybe the workflows are too different in those DAW’s or something???

What I want to know is… if one of us took the time to map these commands as close to possible and sent them the key command file, would they include it for all other Cubase users for their convenience? That would be nice. And I’m sure if you open it up to everyone, someone would come up with some good keycommand lists for people coming from those other DAWS

You don’t really need Steinberg to make that happen. Just post the custom Key Command files here - start a thread for cross-DAW Key Commands. I bet you’ll have all the majors pretty quickly.

Also I thought I remembered seeing Key Commands for other DAWs in the past. So I went and looked in my AppData folders and found the following for Logic, Pro Tools & Sonar. My guess is that these are likely from an ancient version of Cubase and got passed on through various upgrades. Still they might be a good starting point.
Sonar KeyCommands.xml (31.1 KB)
Logic KeyCommands.xml (31.2 KB)
Pro Tools KeyCommands.xml (179.4 KB)

Yeah, as I mentioned, I’m aware there are commands for Sonar, Logic, and Pro Tools. I think the issue is all the other DAW’s.

I don’t really use any other DAW’s, so I’m not the guy to do that myself… I could start a thread, but I don’t see how that would differ so much from this thread already…

I’m just curious if Cubase would implement them into the DAW if anyone experienced in the other DAW’s made some good key command files. … but I also don’t really care that much tbh… would just make persuading some people who are already experienced in music production to come over to Cubase easier… not really my top priority though, just giving my 2 cents to the OP.