Importing Key Commands from Logic to Cubase 6.5

Is there a way to do this? the key commands are in .XML format and it looks like the Logic ones are as well, However, when I go to load it up the file is grayed out. SO, I opened the file up in Text Edit and changed the extension to .XML and saved it. THEN it shows up in the Presets window since I put it there under Library/Prefs/Cubase 6/Presets

Then CUbase gives me an " Invalid Preset " message.

I should be able to import the key commands without this much headache, any ideas?? Thanks guys

I don’t think so.

If Logic can’t export .xml directly, it’s not meant to be cross-compatible.

Square peg, round hole.
Or how flash used to be on the iPad. :smiley: :laughing: :smiley:

thanks man, Im trying to help a friend with this. I think the best option is to load up the Logic Preset under key commands and then just edit and save form there

Wasn’t there a preset already in cubase that is from Logic? At least I think there used to be in an older version…
I thought our good friends from Steinberg have already created a key command file from Logic…


Yeah they have a Logic preset in there. I told him to just load that one up
And edit from there and or add new commands