Importing Mackie DL32R multichannel wav files

I struggled to stitch and import Mackie DL32R 32 channel wav files into cubase 9 on Win10, but seems to work:

1 copy the wavs from your Mackie FAT32 disk to a non-FAT32 disk
2 start cmd.exe and cd to the folder with the wavs
3 sox *.wav bigfile.w64
4 in Cubase import bigfile.w64, choose separate channels.
5 in project settings, set 24 bits and 48kHz.

To do this, you have to prepare your system first:
install sox 14.4.0, NOT the later 14.4.1 or 14.4.2, because only 14.4.0 supports w64.
Set path to where you installed sox:
Rightclick your pc’s icon, Properties, Advanced System settings, Environment variables, System variables
Edit path, add the sox folder.

If there are still easier methods, please let me know!