Importing Midi and Halion Sonic question?

I am using Guitar Pro 6. When importing midi file from GP into cubase 6 only halion sonic SE loads as a vst instrument. I cant choose halion sonic. I want to delete HS SE and only use HS as the dafault “import midi and play” instrument. HOw to do?

If there’s a seperate file in the VSTplugins folder, VST2.x or 3, just remove it. You can also try unchecking the Active box in Plugin Info.

I have tried to uncheck but it loads halion sonic SE when i import midi anyway. I will try to remove the dll. Uninstall SE is not a good idea because i have done that before and it took away all sounds for halion sonic. I would love a oficial “patch” to remove HS SE and only use HS.

Should be provided when you buy the full blown HS


Or un-install SE before installing the full version.

Good idea,

Perhaps an ‘HS SE Un-Install Patch’ could be a ‘front’ part of the HS Install app
so that when you upgrade, the user does not have to even be involved.
It just happens automatically.

Or at least be given an option to ‘Remove or not Remove’ HS SE.