Importing midi and quantising Dorico 2


I imported a midi file from Cubase 10 Pro into Dorico 2, but Dorico 2 ignores the 16th and 32nd note rests, making my score inaccurate. I had to revert to Finale to get the right score, something I do not want to do.

Have you looked into the manual at:
“MIDI Quantize Options dialog
The MIDI Quantize Options dialog allows you to customize the quantization settings you want to apply to imported MIDI files and notes input by recording with a MIDI device.
You can open the MIDI Quantize Options dialog in any of the following ways:
Click Quantize Options in the MIDI Import Options dialog.
Click Quantization Options in the Recording subsection of the Play page in Preferences.”

If you have already quantized the midi data in Cubase and set all the note lengths as you wish, then I would advise exporting musicXML rather than midi. Dorico has no way of knowing whether you want to preserve things like short rests or whether you want to fill the gaps. You can control the quantization in Dorico, but if you’ve already done that work once in Cubase then there’s not much point in doing it again in Dorico. If you use musicXML then this will preserve the note lengths and rests.