importing midi drum set

hello, what is the process to successfully import a drum set part from a midi file?

When I import the file, Dorico shows this:

when I copy/paste on the drum set player:

I’ve tried different settings in the midi import, merging players and creating new players.
I’ve tried to “change instrument” in the newly created player but Dorico won’t let me choose “drum set”.

please tell me that there is an option and I don’t have to re-write 10 minutes of music!

Make sure that you set your drum part to use General MIDI mapping and to be on channel 10 in your MIDI file, then when you import it into Dorico, ensure you choose the option to interpret material on channel 10 as General MIDI percussion.

thanks Daniel!
unfortunately Ableton Live only exports midi on channel 1…

Daniel, how do you make sure that the drum part uses General midi mapping?

I’ve tried to import the file in Sibelius on a drum set part, export it to midi > same issue.
When exporting from Sibelius into MusicXML, Dorico for some reason only copy/paste half of the notes.
Imported xml from Sibelius:
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.07.51 PM.png
Paste onto a drum set player:
Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 5.08.04 PM.png

OK so after importing the midi file in Cubase, putting it on Channel 10, and exporting it again, Dorico now sees that it’s a drum set part.
My issue now is that the copy/paste misses half of the data…

Here is the drum set part imported into Dorico, looks great:

here it is once it is pasted on my drum set part:

is there any reason why Dorcio would miss information when copying/pasting on a drum set part?

it seems like the issue appears with the note F1 (floor tom). When imported, Dorico shows a Floor Tom 4 on the G line, but the copy/paste does not work. Moving the note to a different floor tom works.

I’m sorry this has been such a painful journey, but I hope you’ve got a workable workflow now.

Why do you need to copy and paste the material from the imported drum set to another drum set staff? In theory those drum sets should be identical.

Edit: of course, thinking about this for a moment longer, you’ve obviously edited your own drum set in order to have a kit that looks exactly the way you like it.

thank you Daniel, no worries!
it seems like an unassigned percussion note does not get copied/pasted

I have a MIDI file of a drum part created by Superior Drummer 3.

It is set to channel 10. All 32 bars play back correctly using VLC.

I import it into Dorico using these settings

It looks like this:

Attached is a zip file with the MIDI file and the Dorico project.

What am I missing? Thanks for your help.

MIDI Drum Import Settings.png
MIDI Drum Import.png
Solo (615 KB)