importing midi, feeding to Halion, & reViSiT

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I have Cubase 7.0.7 x64 and Halion 5 x64. I’m trying to import a midi file and then feed that into Halion. Is there a simple way to do that?

Cubase (on my machine) only has the options “All MIDI Channels” or “No Input”/“No Output” for I/O of Midi and VST Instrument tracks. Is that correct?

I’m also integrating reViSiT (music tracker VST instrument) into my setup, and the instructions for feeding track details via midi to a VST Instrument on another track in Cubase are quite dated (Cubase SX and Halion 1.0). I’ve emailed the developer… but has anyone had any success using reViSiT with Cubase 7?


When you import a midi file it should create a midi part on either an Instrument or MIDI Track. If you use the Import from the menu there is a preference to determine which happens. But if you just drag and drop you can create the part on either type of track. If your part is on an Instrument Track then just load Halion as the integrated instrument on that track and you should be good to go. If the part is on a MIDI Track then load Halion into the Instrument Rack. Then Halion should appear as an output destination for MIDI Tracks. You don’t need to route a midi-in port to Halion or any VSTi (except to play it from an external device like a keyboard). The midi data on the track gets routed to Halion.

You might also want to take a look at your midi configuration under Device Setup if the midi in and out ports you see don’t match your hardware.