Importing Midi File from a Sibelius Session (Film Scoring)

Hello everyone,

First of all, I’m relatively new to the Cubase world, so my issue might be easy to solve.
I would like starting making mock-ups of my own compositions that are written on Sibelius.
When I try importing one of my pieces in MIDI into Cubase, the tracks appears like MIDI files but I’m more used to working with Instrument Tracks (where we can simply click on the little piano icon to assign any Kontakt library we want etc…).
I’m a bit confused on how i’m supposed to assign a Kontakt library of my choice to each of my tracks.
They seem to be linked to a HALion Sonic Se instance wich I’m not really sure of what it is or why it’s assigned to the MIDI tracks.
I can imagine that I have to assign the midi tracks to corresponding VST channels ? but i’m not really sure on how to put it in practice !

ps : in the Midi file menu (Preferences), I have the choice between 3 destination options for my MIDI importations (MIDI Tracks OR Instrument Tracks OR HALion Sonic Se multi-timbral) wich of these would you recommand to someone like me who wants to have a workflow from Sibelius to Cubase (more oriented to orchestral music, where the amount on tracks can easily be high) ?

Thx a lot for your feedback ! (sorry if i made mistakes, I’m french !)

Hi and welcome,

You can change the import settings in the Preferences > MIDI > MIFI File > Import Options. Set the Destination to Instrument Tracks. Then the Halion Sonic SE is always used. Unfortunately there is no option to choose other Instrument by default.

Thank you for your answer ! :slight_smile:

And is it possible to change the Halion Sonic SE instruments that are loaded up while importing the MIDI file, with some of my Kontakt libraries instruments ?

Thx !


Yes, you can do so. Just click to the Halion Sonic SE name in the Project window’s inspector and choose other VSTi. Of course, then you have to load the sound. Or you can use a Track Presets instead with the sound loaded already.