Importing midi file issue

I’ve tested my midi file against musescore and notation composer (both programs I generally dislike) and my parts all appear with their correct instruments and lined up exactly where they should be. YET! When I import into Dorico the instruments are all over the map. Horn 1 is the english horn, the real horn 1 is called piano 3, etc. ad nauseam. I’m trying to import into a suite I’ve already started and slaved over the importing issue for the first two movements but I’m wondering if there is a fix for this? Has anyone else run into this issue? I’ve gone back into my DAW and renamed everything to match the instruments exactly so, to me, that means that “Merge with existing instruments where possible” would resolve identical named instruments to the correct tracks but that is not the case at all.

If there isn’t a current fix, could I request the ability to apply midi info to the existing instrument? Show me the part names for midi during import and allow me to select the appropriate instrument in Dorico. It might slow down the import process but in the long run everything else would speed up.

Welcome to the forum, Tim. Do you have the option to use track names to try and identify the instruments switched on in the Import MIDI File dialog?

In the future, we certainly plan to add options to allow you to map tracks in MIDI files onto players and instruments, but I’m afraid that capability doesn’t yet exist.