Importing MIDI file system problem

Hi guys,
I’ve had the same problem with 2 projects so far where, when I come to import a MIDI file the first 2 pages only have one system each. I am importing string orchestra with a solo instrument, so it could easily fit 2 systems. Ive tried everything from editing the note sizes, to the minimum number of systems in a frame, to editing the margins of the page, to trying to drag the system in engrave mode… If anyone has a “Permanent” solution to this it will mean the world to me as i was prepared for throw my laptop out the window after hours of trying to find a solution. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Layout options :arrow_right: Casting off

You probably shouldn’t use the fixed casting off options in this case. Instead, think about using the Make into Frame functions in Engrave mode:

I tried everything even your suggestions but sadly it didn’t work. I then tried right clicking on the first page in the pages tab in the top right hand corner in engrave mode, and pressed reset all template changes or something of the sort because i cant get it back… But its fixed. Also selected insert flow heading change and selected the heading bottom margins button and increased it slightly.

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