Importing MIDI File to a Template

I’m looking at buying Cubase Pro, but trying to determine if it’s going to be better than what I’m using now for my specific use case.

Currently, I’m playing with Cubase AI, but it looks like there are too many features missing for me to properly extrapolate to Pro.

One of the things I need to do often is import a commercial MIDI file, add a click track, mute some tracks, improve the sound as much as possible and export it as a wave file backing track.

I currently do this in Cakewalk by Bandlab, but it’s extremely frustrating that I have to repeat the same processes manually each time.
1/ It’s not possible to import a MIDI file into a preconfigured template, which means I have to create some tracks and busses and configure them, adding plugins that I need to use on the busses. This is the same process for every file.
2/ Rendering the metronome to an audio track requires real-time recording of the metronome. There is no render function, so a 4 minute song takes over 4 minutes to create the click track. This it one of only 2 things area where Studio One Pro is better than Cakewalk.
3/ There is no output mono button which means I need to add a channel mixer plugin to test mono compatibility. Studio One has that sorted out too.

From my research it seems that Cubase Pro can quickly render a click track, but I haven’t been able to determine if the actually MIDI import process will be any better than Cakewalk’s.

What I need is a master bus with some plugins on it already configured from a template before importing the MIDI file. Can Cubase Pro do this?

Also, is there a quick mono capability in Cubase Pro? So far, it looks like even if I use a channel mixer plugin I will still have to press the “e” button to even get to the plugin bypass function.


You can import MIDI File to an existing project. The only one disadvantage of this is that Cubase doesn’t import the Tempo track then. So the tempo of the existing project is used. But you can do it the other way around. You can Create an empty project while importing MIDI File and then you can import tracks from project (your template) with the other settings.

Yes, you can quickly render a Click Track. In the Signature track, from the Signature Track Options, you can simple select Render MIDI Click between Locators or Render Audio Click between Locators.

You can have a Master bus preconfigured with some plug-ins. If you would import the MIDI track to the new project, then you can import this Master bus with the plug-ins by using Import from Project function.

Yes, there is quick Mono compatibility. In the Control Room, you can quickly switch between Stereo and Mono configuration. Same for the export, you can choose, if you want to export Stereo or Mono in the Export Audio mix down dialog.

To me it looks like Cubase is the right juice for you. :wink:

There is a setting that will make Cubase to also import the tempo track of a midi file to an existing project.

Edit–>Preferences–>Midi file–>>Ignore Master Track Events on Merge