importing midi files (tracks)

Well I got my midi files to play using my tyros five as my external keyboard in Cubase. but the track numbers are not correct when importing the file. The file was created by my Tyros 5 keyboard
The tracks are correct When importing that midi file in to sonar platinum but not Cubase 9.5 Pro. any assistence?

Alan Russell


What is the difference? Are you referring to the track numbers or MIDI Channels?

For example my string section in the original midi file is on track 6. in 9.5 it is on track 5.

Could you provide some more global picture, please? Is this the only one? Or are all tasks shifted by 1? Or which track is missing?

Again, are you talking about tracks or MIDI Channels?

I am currently in the field I will Have to take some screenshots with the new windows 10 version which is quite different for me to give you a better visual I’ll check back later and thanks for all of your help