Importing MIDI files with Articulations on CC 32

I have been using Expression Maps in Cubase Pro with good success. I export my data to a MIDI file for further edits in notation software (Sibelius) without any glitches. All articulations are there as CC 32 data.

Now, the tricky part is when I want to export the MIDI file I cleaned up in Sibelius and import it back into Cubase. The notes are there, tempo changes are there, but no articulations. What am I missing?

Do you mean that there aren’t any CC32 events inside the MIDI file on re-import?
If that is the case I guess you need to find out whether Sibelius exported the file with CC32 events inside.

Yes, Sibelius exported the MIDI file with CC 32 events. I confirmed it by importing the file back into Sibelius again and the CC 32 data was there. It looks like it’s Cubase that is not reading that data or I don’t know how to access it within Cubase.

I opened the MIDI List Editor and found a few Program Change entries there. It looks like a few of them are coming through after all but nothing shows up in the Expression Maps.

Yeah, ProgramChange is a different kind of midi event than a continous controller. So that doesn’'t help.
Do you have any MIDI Devices activated? Menu: Studio → Others → MIDI Devices

No, I don’t.

Is it possible to show your expression map in regards to cc32 on one or several screenshots?