Importing MIDI files

Hi There,
When i load a midi file in to CB9 every time it loads a Halionsonic SE.
But i own a Halion 5 and a Halionsonic 2.

So is there a way to set this up as a standard MIDI file instrument?

Regards Kimbo.

Over at Preferences>MiDI>MIDI File and under Import Options there is a drop down menu called “Destination” where you can select options for the Midi import. It has only a couple of options though, I don’t think you can pre-define specific vsti’s, but you can try if the option Instument Tracks is good for you.

I have try this out but i can’t choose no other VSTi than Halionsonic SE.
With Instument Tracks CB choose for every track a H se.
It is strange that you can’t choose your own GM VSTi.

Thanks for your help.

Can you set up Halion 5 and then drag and drop the midi file into this track? That is how I work.

If you think about it, the only way to ensure that even a novice user would hear anything approaching what would be correct on importing a MIDI file is to route by default to built-in GM-compatible VSTi such as HALion Sonic SE, which is available in all editions of Cubase.

Prior to this feature being made the default, there were many queries about why there was “no sound” from an imported MIDI file. For more experienced users, the option is there to disable this default behaviour, route the track(s) to different VSTis or just drag them to other tracks in a prepared template as suggested above.