Importing midi files

I’m getting a bit frustrated when importing midi files to Cub 7.5:

If I use file\import\midi etc or if I drag and drop from Windows Explorer, the midi filename changes to either “Midi” if I drop it into the project window, or it takes the name of the current track (for instance Nexus Piano)

It’s not a problem if it’s only one file, but if I want to test several files the frustration is that they all have the same name.
I’m sure that in previous versions using, drag and drop, the “parts” or files retained their original filename, but I simply can’t figure it out in 7.5

Can anyone put me out of my misery?

P.S - Midi loops through media bay retain their names.

Hmmm - going further - it seems that some midi files WILL retain their name, so I wonder if it is something to do with perhaps information embedded in the file itself, by the provider.

Anyway, I’d still welcome your knowledge.