Importing midi from Cubase

Hey folks,

I’m trying to transfer some old projects from Cubase to FLStudio. A great undertaking for itself, since I will have to assign all the instruments to the midi etc.
Now, apparently, the midi-data is not completely exported from Cubase. For some tracks I get some notes, for others I get none when, I try to import the specific track.
For instance: The piece I tried it on has multiple brass ensemble tracks in it. Yet, one of them is completly empty, if I try to throw it into the piano roll in FL.
I tried this with Cubase 8 and 9.5.
With 8 I get a completely empty midi file and with 9.5 I get apparently some midi patterns.

I found out, if I export it as a “type 0”, then all tracks are like mixed down into one track. THEN apparently all notes are in it. But of course it is almost impossible for me to figure out what instrument they belong to, damn.


Could you please attach a screenshot of the Export MIDI File Settings window?