Importing Midi from Musecore issue

So I’ve imported a midi file made in muscore, but when I try and change the instrument sound (or at least I believe I am doing that) it will change the instrument for all tracks. Well not all tracks. The keyboard tracks such as marimba and celeste will change the instrument without affecting other tracks, but if I try and change the snare drum track it will also change all other auxillary percussion tracks to that instrument I selected. I have many instrument sounds I want to use: snare, bass drum, break drum, triangle… but it seems that there aren’t even individual instruments like that, just drumsets. How can I find all of the sounds I want and not have my selections affect other tracks? why are the other tracks affected? are they grouped somehow?


Is the Snare Drum track sharing the same MIDI channel with the other percussion tracks? Be aware, the Program is MIDI Channel related, not the track related. Multiple tracks can share the same MIDI Channel.

maybe they do but I am not sure. How do I know if it is on the same midi channel? how can I change the midi channel?


You can see the MIDI Channel in the Inspector (name tab) of every single track.

Could You link a youtube video about this? I don’t think I follow.


You can find it in the manual.