Importing midi issue.

Hey everyone. I am having an issue importing while a midi file in to elements 7. I use an online music notation software called noteflight, I export the composition as a midi, then import into Cubase. From here I take the midi, map the drums and I have drum track to work with. The problem is that in cubase tempo changes do not stick. Once in cubase everything is at one tempo, any tempo change in the original track gets wiped in cubase. Any suggestions?

I have tried changing the tempo in cubase but it changes the entire porjects tempo instead on one section. Either getting it to import correctly OR being able to change only that section in cubase would be great.

Thank alot.

Check that you have the tempo set to “track”.

Quick way to do this is from the Transport Panel. Just to the left of the window that displays the tempo, check that the word “Track” is illuminated. If it isn’t click on it.

With this activated Cubase will follow any tempo changes in the imported MIDI file. You can see those tempo events if you create a Tempo Track in the project.

If “track” is not activated then the project will play at whatever tempo is set in the window on the Transport Panel and will ignore any tempo changes in the MIDI file.


Just an idea…

Cubase have many export/import options for midi - where one is if to include tempochanges.
“Ignore mastertrack events” decide whether tempostuff are imported or not.

a) are tempochanges exported in your notation software
b) are they enabled in your cubase system

Hi there Moss

Elements definitely can and does pick up the tempo info in a midi file. Have you tried highlighting the midi file in windows and then the “open with” command and select Cubase Elements here. I have a feeling that the “import” command keeps the existing tempo info whereas by directly opening the midi file it takes it from that midi.

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