Importing midi loop from EZ Drummer in Dorico 4.2

Sorry if this been discussed before, I’m pretty sure I’ve read about it when I bought Dorico 3.5 but I’ve tried to search for it but couldn’t find the answer.

I’m in Dorico 4.2 and using EZdrummer. I want to drag a midi loop from EZdrummer to my drum track in play mode but nothing happens. I was able to do this on my old computer in Dorico 3,5, I’m pretty sure I changed something in preferences to be able to do that but I can’t find the solution.

I have loaded my “kit” and drum map I made on my old computer.

The only way I can do this right now is to drag the loop into write mode, then the midi import options show and imports it to a new project, I then have to copy the notes go back to my project and paste.

What should I do to be able to import it in play mode in my project?

Again sorry if there’s more threads with the same topic, did my best to find the one I read last time I had this problem.

You can’t currently drag and drop MIDI loops from plug-ins (or indeed MIDI regions from Cubase) into Play mode in Dorico 4 – this is something that has not yet been re-implemented in the new Play mode following its complete rebuild. But it will be reinstated soon, hopefully in our next update at the end of the summer or in the early autumn.

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If you import via the File menu instead of dragging, you will get more
Options for importing in the current file. (top right in the import dialog)

Thank you for the answers, that explains why I couldn’t solve it :sweat_smile: No biggie but looking forward to the update, the new drum editor is great for making loops quick so I find myself going that way now :slight_smile:

I am trying to simply import a GM drum pattern into a Dorico drumset(basic).

My first attempt was to simply drag the MIDI file onto the Dorico startup page. That gave me the MIDI import, but I can’t find any combinations that will put everything into one kit. It imports each kit piece as a separate player. I can painstakingly drag all the kit pieces to one player, then use “Combine into kit”, but that’s a lot of work. There must be a better way.

My second attempt was to create an empty Dorico file, add one player with a basic kit, go into PLAY mote and launch the MIDI editor. From there I can drag the MIDI file and it shows a cursor as if wanting to drop the information, but nothing copies into the player. Is that the same issue described above? (i.e. function temporarily removed)

Does anybody have a simple workflow for bringing in a MIDI drum pattern?

In the current Dorico version, you can easily import a midi drum part (e.g. from Groove Agent) in play mode by dragging it to the desired position on the upper instrument track of the drum kit.

Are you talking about PLAY mode? I tried dragging the MID file into the drumset’s MIDI editing page in PLAY mode, but that didn’t do anything. I’m probably not dragging to the right place. Any chance of a screen shot?

And I can try dragging the MIDI into Cubase first, then dragging from Cubase to Dorico if that is different.

Not much luck here. I brought the original 6SHUFFLE (above) file into Cubase and, Like Dorico, it imported each kit piece as a separate track (Grrrrrrrr). It is a little easier to merge all the MIDI into one track on Cubase, so I did that, creating this file:
Merged 6Shuffle.mid (2.8 KB)

That imports into Dorico OK (although I still can’t figure out how to drag anything into the PLAY mode.

So my basic question is if there is any good way to import a drum loop into Dorico such that everything comes in on one kit? With all these options, it seems like there must be an easy way, but I’m not seeing it.

Sorry , I see you are in Dorico 4.2. This only works again in 4.3.1.

OK. I updated, and I can drag my merged MID file. It gets the drums but not cymbals, so I must have a mismatch with the kit pieces. But if I drag the original MID, I get nothing.

Here is what the original MIDI file looks like when dragged into Cubase:

My main problem is that each of the kit pieces goes to a different track. I would have thought there is a way to import into Dorico as a kit rather than as 6 different players.

As you can see, that MIDI file has six different tracks. You can tell Dorico that they all need to be imported to the same player in the MIDI Import Options dialog.

I’m not finding any such option. Here’s what I did:

I set all the tracks to the same destination instrument. Once imported, the only notes that show are the ride cymbal notes.
Here are the options I used (But I think I’ve tried just about every possible permutation.)

When importing you need to use a correct percussion map or at least (for playback only) use e.g. a piano track with a drum instrument. Just test it by directly dragging a drum sample from your VST drum plugin.

I don’t understand. When I use File → Import → MIDI (whether I have an existing score open or not), the import dialog forces me into a drum set and there is no opportunity to set up a percussion map.

There is no VST involved. I have a MIDI loop on a file. See 6SHUFFLE.MID above. I just want to import that and have all the kit pieces come through the import. It seem like I must be missing something very basic. I’m not worried about playback – yet. I’m just trying to get all the hits for all the kit pieces to import.

It turns out that for this particular collection of MIDI beat patterns, there are two sets, “Type 0” and “Type 1”. I had been using the type-1 with no success. The type-0 files all import perfectly. So I guess I don’t have a problem at this point, but I’d like to understand how to handle type-1 MIDI files if I ever have the need.

In the MIDI Import Options dialog, you can’t create a percussion map, but you can choose which of the existing percussion maps should be used to map the incoming tracks. I suspect in your Type 0 MIDI files, all of the notes are on channel 10, which gives Dorico the hint that it should use the GM percussion map (provided that option is set), but in the Type 1 MIDI files, probably none of the tracks are set to use channel 10, or perhaps only one is. So you need to specify the percussion map that should be used for each track.

Where/how do I do that? I am not seeing that option.

The only one I found was in the Library Manager until I selected the Drum Set part in the MIDI import screen and opted for Advanced Options.

Incidentally, @dspreadbury , is there a way some future update can either increase the size of the Import Options section of the drop-down MIDI import screen or allow the panel as a whole to be enlargeable?

OK. I see I had the GM percussion map set all along.
But the only notes that get imported are for the kick drum. I realize everybody wants to tell me how it SHOULD be working,and it does work that way with type-0 files. But has anybody actually tried importing my type-1 file? I must have tried over 50 different combinations now and none of them have worked. I don’t think Dorico is handling type-1 files the way folks think it should be. Here’s that file again:
There are small freeware apps out there that convert type-1 (separate tracks) to type-0 (all on the same track), so I guess I could use that if I have to, but I would like to think there is a way for Dorico to just take care of that.

MIDI-1 squeezes everything into one track, and perhaps your other drum sounds are being mangled into the Kick part or dropped altogether. I do not understand the mechanics of the MIDI-1 export process on the program that produces your files.

My own approach, facing what you are facing (and you may not want to adopt it, which is fine) would be to feed Dorico the MIDI-0 import, then (remove your various instruments from the kits into individual instruments in their several players), thendrag all the separate drum instruments into one Player and build you own percussion map and kit from there. Once you have it working, you might want to save that as a template to use for future drum imports.

Presumably, having the separate drum tracks in one player and then combining them into a kit would not destroy any information from your import.

As I hope some day to buy and use EZ Drummer or Superior Drummer, I do have an anticipated interest in this.

I think it is the other way around. With Midi-0, everything is on the same track, and Dorico handles that fine.

They seem to be dropped altogether. although at one point, I had a combination of options where each of the kit pieces imported to a separate player. And in that case, I was able to drag the instruments all to one play and then combine into a kit. But I don’t think a template would help much because the time-consuming part of that is dragging all the individual kit pieces around.

I am OK for now. I should say what got me started down this path was some year-end housekeeping. I have gradually been accumulating useful beat patterns and saving them in a Dorico file, so I can easily cut and paste into arrangements. Over time, this got rather disorganized and I also accumulated some MID files that I never brought into Dorico. When I started bringing these files into Dorico, I discovered the problem with Type-1 files. It is not a real problem because I think I have both type-9 and type-1 for the particular loops in question, but I just think Dorico is not handling import of Type-1 files very well.

I know this isn’t the most common thing people do with Dorico, but it ought to be looked at somewhere along the way.

Anyway, I appreciate everybody’s patience and suggestions and I learned a few things in the process.