Importing MIDI missing instruments

Hey guys,

So, I exported a MIDI file from Cubase with a Standard String section and a solo Cello. I import it into Dorico and set everything up and everything looks good but I don’t see the Celli, Both section and solo and the Violas. I took a screenshot of the Left Side bar if it might make sense of what I might have not don’t right.

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I’m not sure there’s much advice we can offer based on this screenshot. Did you map some of the tracks in the MIDI file onto existing players/instruments in the project, or did you ensure that all of the imported material was assigned to new players? You’ll need to provide a bit more information about what steps you actually took in order for us to be able to offer any sensible advice.

Thanks for the reply Daniel.

I took some more screenshots of the import settings of the import process. and the outcome.
Now I did export the the MIDI file with all instruments assigned to an instrument.

here i have all the instruments present without any editing

in this screenshot i changed the first cello to solo and pressed OK

this is what i got. I don’t really understand where that MIDI Import tab appeared or what it is. Probably some clarification to what it is for would help me understand what i might have done wrong with the export of the MIDI file.

If you’d like me to send you more information on how i exported the MIDI file I’d be glad to just tell me what information you would need me to send and how to send them.

Thanks again for your help Daniel! :pray:t2:

The MIDI Import player group that appears in the Players panel is created because the option Create player group for new players is activated in the Import Options section of the MIDI Import Options dialog (expand that section at the bottom of the window to see those options).

You should be able to make Dorico import the Cello Solo track into the existing Solo Cello player by making sure that Dorico knows the Cello Solo track is meant to represent a single player rather than a section player. You can also tell Dorico which existing player you want it to import a track into by selecting it in the Players in Dorico project list at the right-hand side of the dialog.

Thanks a lot Daniel. It was a bit confusing for me at first but i went through the Discover Dorico Daw to Score more deeply paying attention to assigning instruments to tracks and understood what every element in the import options mean.

Thanks a lot for the support Dan! :pray:t2: