Importing MIDI Orch with Percussion

First, the good news. I was surprised how well Dorico imported a complex MIDI orchestral score. I had to change a few staves from player to section, but that was simple.

Issue with percussion (as I feared):
1-I had three MIDI perc tracks:

  • Triangle
  • Cymbals (clash hits and suspended roll)
  • Drums (bass drum, snare drum, tambourine)

2-Triangle came in OK.
3-Cymbals came in on one track, but I don’t think Dorico understands that one pitch represents hand-held clash cymbals, and one is a suspended cymbal roll.
4-Drums came in on one track but Dorico doesn’t know it is orch bass, orch snare, and tambourine.

QUESTION 1: Is there an easy fix? Or…
QUESTION 2: Would it be easier to separate each MIDI track, import again, and re-import? Once I do that, will be be able to combine staves so both cymbals are on one track, and both snare and bass are on one track?

Sorry for the long post. Thanks.


Perhaps import the percussion tracks separately into a new flow, make any fixes, and then copy/paste them into your main orchestral flow?

I’m guessing you already know about the Library > Library Manager, and of course you could try configuring it differently when you import just the percussion tracks.

Thanks. I am not up on Library Manager but I will find out. I have purchased both Groove 3 and MacPro training, and the Steinberg Help is great, so I will check it out.