Importing MIDI - Organ, three staves, terrible experience

Situation. Have a MIDI with three tracks. Want to import it to Dorico in an organ instrument with three staves.

How it should work: you import the MIDI file, you choose which track goes to which staves of the already existing organ instrument, done. 1 minute max.

How it actually is right now: impossible, and you waste 1 hour of your time.

Now you probably will help me with this, and I will thank you very much, but IMHO this is an indication that the MIDI Import window needs some work; in the Dorico demonstration videos the Import feature is shown as amazing, but this is far from reality, since it’s right now super non-intuitive and it doesn’t allow you to do what you want to do, so you need to use workarounds like creating new instruments and then copy-pasting the notes to where you actually wanted, which is obviously far from ideal.

Sorry for the rant, and I hope someone can help me with the process, thank you.

It depends on the nature of the MIDI file, as much as Dorico.

Hi, I had the opposite experience: I find the midi import options very good and intuitive (big mockup exported as midi from the DAW and imported into Dorico).
And it is for the community or the support difficult to help you without more details or a file as example.

Does anyone know of any software that is willing to import separate midi tracks onto different staves of a single instrument? (Is this a thing elsewhere?)

Then explain how you are assigning MIDI track A to instrument 1 staff A, and MIDI track B to instrument 1 staff B, thank you.

Shouldn’t matter? The MIDI has three tracks. That’s all the information that I need to provide to Dorico. The MIDI Import window seems to be able to assign each of those tracks to whatever I want (and the demonstration videos on YouTube seem to suggest this too). However, it doesn’t work at all. Depending on what I click on, I can get all the notes on the first staff only, or I get new instruments created (with one staff still empty), etc.; I can never get the expected result. The pedals in particular are always empty.

It might be the only software that does it, problem is it actually doesn’t.

I asked because I would expect to have to import 3 separate tracks into 3 (whatever) single-staff instruments, and move the music onto the desired organ staves afterward. It’s good that the music is on separate tracks, because obviously it saves all the work of separating them, but I’m expecting Dorico to map tracks to instruments.


So I guess I was expecting a feature that’s not meant to be there? Maybe that’s the case.

Andrea, at the moment, Dorico imports each MIDI track to one or more instruments, but it doesn’t provide the functionality to import a track to a specific staff of an instrument. I can certainly see that this would be useful in some circumstances, but it isn’t something that is presently possible to do automatically.