Importing MIDI percussion to plain treble-clef staff

I’m importing a MIDI file with a bunch of percussion instruments. On the setup page for the import, Dorico assigns some of them to named instruments, and sometimes to Sketch/Treble clef. Now it happens that, for this particular task, it would suit me for all of them to be sent to Sketch/Treble clefs, rather than percussion notation. I can’t see a way of doing this, though: when I start typing into the staff assignment field, the only treble available is the vocal treble, and Sketch isn’t an option at all. Is there a way to get there?

Yes, I think so. You should find that if you double-click in the appropriate row in the Instrument(s) in track column, in the dialog that appears you can choose the Sketch family and then find Treble staff in there.

Aha! Got it – Thanks.