Importing MIDI percussion

Hello. I know there’s a post on this already. But I’m afraid it’s not getting me there, and I thought it might be best to start a new one.
I’m trying to import a Cubase drum track into Dorico. I exported it as a MIDI file from Cubase. Then I imported it into Dorico using these parameters.

But this was the result…

Clearly, Dorico is not recognizing it as a perc. track. But the Channel 10 option is checked at import.
What am I missing, pls?

Is the drum track in Cubase definitely using MIDI channel 10?

Thanks Leo. Well, I thought Cubase automatically assigned percussion instruments to channel 10. But I found it was playing through channel 1. So I changed it and got a Dorico drum track.

If you are using VST instruments for playback in Cubase there is no reason to choose any particular MIDI channels.

“Drums on channel 10” is from the General Midi standard. MIDI files don’t store any data to say exactly what each sounds each channel (and each individual note on a drum channel) is meant to play back, so following the ancient (1980s era) GM standard is about as good as it gets if a program like Dorico wants to automatically assign instruments to MIDI files.