Importing MIDI Piano Music

I want to buy Dorico, but I am interested to know if it will support something that is very important to me.

I painstakingly created piano music in my sequencer (Sonar) and saved it as a MIDI file. When I load it into finale, the durations of many notes are messed up. For example, I might play three notes in a row in the left hand as a broken chord: one whole note, one dotted half, and one half so the notes are sustained throughout the measure. There is a right-hand part that my play two, three, or four notes at once. Finale doesn’t like this: it tries to force everything in each hand to total four counts, so, for the left hand part, it writes a quarter, a quarter, and a half. It won’t let me change these. It does similar things to the right-hand part.

What I hope Dorico will do:
1-Allow me to load a MIDI file for piano as it. <<Most important feature right now.
2-Allow me to create (easily) piano music that has a variable number of parts.

Is this possible and fairly easy?

Note: I will usually be adding a staff for the vocal part. This is not difficult in Finale and I assume it is not difficult in Dorico.

Thank you! --Konrad

Hard to tell (especially for me, I never import MIDI), but you might try for yourself: Dorico (Pro or Elements) has a 30-day trial period (now even 60 days because of covid lockdown). And then there’s also the free Dorico SE (limited to 2 instruments at a time), that may be just enough for you to examine the MIDI import facilities.

I’d suggest you take the 30-day Dorico Pro trial. You can hold down the ALT key (or CTRL key) to see what Elements (or SE) look like.
(Hope I didn’t get those modifier keys mixed up.)

If you use the score editor of Sonar try to export als Music XML. This will export the note length and systems shown in the score editor of Sonar.

For different voices in one stave (your “left hand as a broken chord: one whole note, one dotted half, and one half”) is still manual work needed. You have to separate the notes to different voices.

But not too much work, if you assign key commands to change a selected note to a given voice.