Importing Midi Playing Techniques

I’m trying to import midi from Logic into Dorico, but despite my best efforts (hand selecting all of the correct playing technique, and making sure “create playing techniques” is enabled), my midi is still being very haphazardly imported and missing almost all of the technique, such as tremolo, CS and flautando.

Attached is my midi.

Fenestra Midi Takedown v01.mid (113.0 KB)

I had to spend a couple of minutes checking that e.g. the horn tracks were mapped correctly to horns, and likewise the cellos and timpani, and to ensure that individual tracks destined for the same instrument were mapped to the same target instrument (so that there are only three trombones rather than six, and so on). After importing the MIDI file, I then reset the instrument names via the Setup menu item.

This is the result – I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but it seems like a useful starting point to me.

Fenestra Midi Takedown v01.dorico (2.4 MB)

Hm, I thought I did a lot of that, but mine didn’t quite look like that. Maybe trying to import in smaller batches will help next time. Thanks!