"Importing MIDI" question....


Even though I’ve been using Cubase Midi for 20+ years, I never seem to get this part right…

How can I bring midi clips into my projects, that were recorded in Other projects at, say, a totally diffenent tempo, and have them “fit”.

Eg…I have 2 bars of a nice riff recorded at T=70. I want to bring them into a song that is T=120, but have that 2bar clip pop into the track as “2 bars of 120” not “2 bars of 70” which is what always happens. I’m always more concerned with the number of bars than tempo, but end up using time stretch to fix it. There’s gotta be a more correct way, huh?

What am I doing wrong, guys?

sigh…sorry about that…not only was this the wrong question but it was also not even the right question. [I was just too tired to even thingk…apparently…]

Turns out the answer to my midi woes was to import midi, that has temp info, with the tempo track turned On…of course that was the answer…lol