Importing midi to flexphraser

I have been trying to import a midi file to the flexphraser. Saved a midi file in cubase and dragged it from the explorer to the midi drop icon in flexphraser. It seems to work but I don’t hear any changes in the flexphrase. What is groove quantize supposed to do?
Has anyone tried this and got it to work?

Interesting question and I hope someone who know how this is working will jump in. After trying for a couple of days I’m a still clueless.

Doesn’t seem to work even if I drag the MIDI file from outside of Cubase (the finder or desktop). Could be a problem with Mac’s. If you are on windows you could try to drag a midi file from the explorer.

I am on windows 7, cubase 6.5, halion 5.1.
Tried to drag from explorer and desktop. Doesn’t work :cry:
If I import the same midi file into dune 2 arpeggiator, it works fine.