Importing MIDI - track names

Building a project from multiple MIDI files, in which the instrumentation is similar but not identical.

I’m hoping to route incoming tracks to the existing staffs. I notice, though, that (with the re-use option checked) the dropdown list under Destination Instrument doesn’t list existing instruments to choose between, but either numbered treble or bass clefs, and you have to guess which one was assigned to what instrument.

  1. Is it possible to identify the staff number of an existing instrument?
  2. Is there a better way of pointing to the desired destination instrument?

Sorry, I’m not quite able to follow you here. It sounds like when you imported the first MIDI file, you chose to use generic sketch instruments for some of those tracks. If those are the instruments you’ve ended up with in your project, you might want to try using Change Instrument in Setup mode to change those instruments to ones that you can more easily tell apart.

Yes I did; and I’ve done that, Daniel.

[by the way, on sketch staffs – could we have an alto clef option?]

It’s a bit complicated. Its when, for instance, I haven’t made up my mind which instrument to assign an incoming channel to. Dorico does a good job of guessing – but when it’s not got it right, I’d hoped to use the drop-down, which I’d expect to show the instruments that have been set up previously. From there I’d be able to select a target.

You can change the kind of instrument to be used via the Instrument(s) in track column, which will then either allocate that track to an existing instrument of that type in the project, or set up a new one to be added if necessary.

Do you mean the Players in project column in the Advanced editor? Instruments in track just brings up the Setup panel’s instrument chooser for me.

I do indeed mean the Instrument(s) in track column, because that’s where you specify which instrument is used by the track – this is in a sense independent of which actual player the track will end up assigned to. Once the right instrument is chosen, then you can determine whether to assign the track to an existing player, or to a new one.

Thanks for the clarification, Daniel.