Importing MIDI tracks keeps changing the voice/instrument

Hello. I’m using the Song function on my Yamaha MOX8 keyboard, with Cubase. Im trying to import MIDI files, but they keep changing the voice/instrument whenever I drag it to a new track. So if I have a MIDI track called ‘Bass’ then I drag the MIDI event/file to a new track, that track gets its voice changed to GM:034 Finger Bass or something like that.
And if I change the voice back to the voice that it was before Cubase changed it, and then I playback, and then as soon as I hit pause, the voice automatically changes again (to GM:034).

How can I keep it from changing voice? I just want to import the MIDI files into the project without Cubase automatically changing that track’s voice. As I’ve already selected the voices before importing the MIDI files. And I want to keep those voices.
Thank you in advance.

Lots of (most?) MIDI Files you find online will have a MIDI Program Change message at the start to set it to a specific General MIDI sound. In Cubase these messages can change which sound your Virtual Instrument plays. The way to fix this is to delete the Program Change message. This is most easily done using the List Editor. Most likely you’ll see it right there near the top. But if needed you can hide the MIDI Note messages in the Editor to make it easier to see.

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Thanks so much. Is it possible to set ‘automatically turn off program change when importing MIDI’ ??

Also, I have 64 songs on my keyboard. I suppose program change ca come in handy if I want to keep a blank song. That way I can create many Cubase projects using that same song, and Cubase will remember the voice for each track. That way, I can save more than 64 songs. Because I don’t need to delete the voice in order to put a new voice in there. But I suppose things like reverb, cut off, resonance, etc will remain the same, and be saved on the keyboard.

Did you follow the steps in this guide?

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No, not really because what you are importing is a file full of MIDI data, and whatever data is in that file is what you’ll get. So you’d need to delete the Program Change after importing. Depending on the version of Cubase (i.e. does it have the Logical Editor) you could create a Key Command to do that.

In general Program Change messages are used in two different contexts. 1) when sharing MIDI files/sequences a PC message ensures that a Bach fugue plays back on an organ and not on bagpipes 2) during live gigs PC messages are used to recall the sounds for different songs in a setlist. Outside of that it is generally best to avoid them.

Thank you. But I was referring to some MIDI files from elsewhere (not from the MOX8).

Thank you. Ahh well that’s too bad. It’s a bit of a hassle to have to turn it off each time.