Importing Midi


Im bit surprised (act shocked) i cant import more than 1 midi file as opposed to audio files for ex.

is this possible in older versions ?? (and in new ? )

If i have a track with bass and drums and have 20 chords in midi i want to import them and hear them IN CONTEXT
while i try several patches for example

I m just shoked :confused: :confused: :confused:

help please , ty

You use “chords” with midi drums & bass tracks? :confused:

I may not be understanding your question, but I thought you were initially asking if you can ‘import several midi tracks at once’ …if so, you can. I’ve done this with entire midi song arrangements I got from a bunch of midi song hit titles I have. In my experience, some of the song titles of older hits I’ve collected won’t import at all because (I assume) they were created in a non standard, non compatible midi format…probably created in an ‘Apple’ or ‘i’ product :unamused: Most titles I have import fine though. Occasionally I’ll recreate an old song that I wanted to cover just for my own personal enjoyment, and will use pre-made midi songs for my ‘song starter’…that is if I don’t recreate in midi from scratch…which is actually better. Those pre-made songs often are machine gun-ish & cell phoney!

I don’t recall ever importing any of my own midi tracks I’ve done from another project I had created before…? Though I have imported midi loops I’ve collected from various sources, whether individual midi drum loops, bass/keys loops etc, or from construction loop sets, but in these cases, only importing one midi track at a time.

That’s all I have… if I’ve even understood the question.

Ty 4 the reply

Imagine i have 10 midi files , each with individual midi information. (its irrelevant if its only a chord or a complete song)

Can i import them at once like for example 10 audio files ??


Is there any MOD who can answer this please?