Importing midi

I have a midi file where almost all notes are a little to short - see screenshot.

  1. What would be the easiest way to correct this in Dorico ?
  2. The piece has an upbeat of 1/4. How do I get Dorico to show this ?
    • after being away for some hours it seems like Dorico lost connection to Halion. If I press a key in Halion I get sound but the notes doesn’t play anymore. Loading the default template fixed this.
      edit - ups - forgot the file :slight_smile:

You probably can’t easily make a single edit in Dorico that will make all of these notes into quarters, because there’s no good way to select them, but in theory if you were to manage to select them, you could simply hit 6 to turn them into quarters, and everything would look a lot better.

To create a pick-up, select the position before which you want the time signature to appear, e.g. in this case you could select the first note or the existing initial time signature, type Shift+M, and in the popover type 4/4,1. The ,1 tells Dorico that you want a 1 beat pick-up.