Importing Midi

When I import a type 1 Midi file of multiple tracks, I see all the tracks as expected. But I also see a blank track labelled “MIDI”. I don’t see any events on this “MIDI” track so am wondering if this is some sort of global track. What is its purpose and any reason not to delete it?

If there are no important events in it, then delete it.

It’s not unusual to get empty or otherwise useless tracks when importing MIDI files.

  1. Sometimes the sequencer used to export the MIDI file just exports an empty track. I suppose it was the way it was programmed…to keep a track assigned and ready at all times in the sequencer software.

  2. Sometimes people put GM (or other) sysex messages in a track of its own. Unless you are using an instrument/plugin that is compatible with such sysex data, you can delete such tracks (or sysex events).

  3. Sometimes authors of MIDI files add empty tracks and use the track name fields to put in credits or other information. You can delete those.

  4. Sometimes tracks hold events for ‘lyrics’, tempo stamps, time signature changes, etc. CuBase imports that information according to the flags you have checked in your CuBase preferences. Once it is imported, you can delete such tracks from your CuBase project if you like.

Ok thanks. I had exported from Sibelius as a Midi file and then imported it into Cubase. I notice this for many different files coming from Sibelius so perhaps it’s to be expected.