Importing mono/stereo tracks interleaved

Okay, so here’s a topic that I’ve never gotten sorted and would save me a TON of time if I could do it…

Forgive me if this is common Cubase knowledge in any way - but I receive alot of files from clients to mix on a regular basis. Alot of the time they will give me the files that were clearly separated out (probably by Pro Tools by the look of it) into their separate L and R channels and made mono. My question is - is there a way or a setting in Cubase that will allow me to import them as STEREO INTERLEAVED files? So they appear in my project as a single interleaved stereo file? Does this make any sense or does this sound silly? I know for a fact that Pro Tools will do this, and most times not even ask you about it first.

The reason I ask is because alot of times there’s these synth tracks that are broken up into left and right channels, and it would save me a step (and ultimately ALOT of time as there are many) if I did not have to import them, then group and re-render them as stereo channels just so I can treat them as such.

No Cubase is missing this functionality.

There’s a simple batch interleaver program that may work for you depending on the naming of the files…if they are “whatever L.wav” and “whatever R.wav” this works great. But if they have _L and _R or anything other than a space before the L/R it doesn’t seem to recognise them as a pair.

Just drag in as many pairs as you want…it’ll list the single file to be created and you hit process (make sure to set destination folder)

You could always use a batch renaming software before this if necessary and it would still be way quicker and easier than doing it as you are.

hmm… would anyone be interested in putting in a feature request? This seems like functionality that should be available.
I’ll be happy to write it up, but would need folks to +1 it… any takers?

Cubase users have been begging for this simple feature since cubase SX. Even free software daws have this feature but steinberg…

I have an analog question somehow. similar. Though it is about Exporting a stereo Mixdown from two separate tracks.
After a recording of my opera by a pro engineer I received two separate files named respectively Neige de Soleil mix 18 aout.L and Neige de Soleil mix 18 aout.R. So I understand that those are two separate L and R files. But when you want to send that to a radio program for instance, don’t they need one interleaved file, where you decide how to pan the stereo.
I see in Cubase that files are stereo on one track, in other words I see two signals on one track.
What sould I do then, enter xxx.L on on mono track, pan 100% L, then xxx.R on another mono track, pan 100% R and then Export one interleaved stereo track??? I am not an expert and I don’t know what is the standard procedure. Thanks for the help.