Importing MP3 files from Dropbox - new version

Can you please confirm that newest version of Cubasis for iPad allows for “import” of MP3 files from Dropbox? The material on the app description advises you can now export to Dropbox But didn’t mention importing MP3 from that source. Thx.

Hi Spartan1,

Yes, MP3 import from Dropbox into Cubasis is possible.

In case you are not familiar on how to do this:

  • choose the MP3 file in the Dropbox app and tab on the share button at the right top corner
  • tap on “open with” and choose copy to Cubasis
  • Cubasis will launch or open and the mp3 will be in the media bay under Audio
  • double tap on the audio file and it will be imported into you project

Hope that helps!


Thanks Ricardo!

You’re welcome! :wink: