Importing multi meter midi tracks

I am currently testing Elements (like it my better than my existing Sonar Studio) and determining if I will make this a permanent change with a possible upgrade to the full Cubase or Artist product.

I compose mostly classical and typically create my full scores in Finale, which I then import into my daw for editing. I noticed that when importing scores with mixed meters (4/4 followed by 3/8, then 5/8 etc) that the time signature changes are not recognized by Elements. While the play back stays in synch, none of the measure lines match up to my score and score view keeps the entire compulsion in the original meter. While I know I can go into the tempo tool and make changes on a measure by measure basis, this would be extremely time consuming.

Can you tell me if this is just a limitation in Elements, or would this be the same even if I upgraded to the full Cubase product? Being able to import mixed meters and have them recognized at a measure level without additional editing would be a great plus. Thanks for any responses / suggestions.


DonĀ“t know, why not in Elements, but mixed metres are recognized in Cubase full and artist.

Excellent - thanks