Importing Multiple Audio Files From 'Import Audio' or 'MediaBay'

HI there

racking my brains.

new user // formerly Pro Tools // figured most things out via the wonders of the internet :slight_smile:

Q: how can I audition and import more than one audio file (samples etc) from mediabay or the import audio function. Especially if they are in a few different folders and sub fodlers …

example: in pro tools you can ‘import audio’, you audition sounds and then add them to a list … then pro tools imports all from list. eg a kick sample or two a snare from a different sample pack, a riser and a reference track

Cubase seems amazing so far so I figured there must be a way but can’t seem to find any help here via youtube or similar …

in a massive time crunch so any help HUGELY appreciated by all, sure its v simple and I have just not searched correctly!

many thanks in advance!