Importing Music

Hello All,

I am so new to the digital age of recording music. I just bought a Zoom H4n Pro and Cubase AE LI Elements 8 64 bit software came with it. I just recorded 7 songs and I am trying to import them into this program. Every time I try and open the file where my music is stored in this program it does not show up. How do I import my already recorded music into this program or do I have to record the music while the zoom is connected into my computer with this software open live? Thank you for any helpful solutions.



I expect Zoom stores the recorded files as WAV.

So in Cubase select File > Import > Audio, and import the Wave file. A new project is created, and opened. If not (and you are on Windows), make sure, you can see all windows of Cubase (from the Start bar of Windows).

The Audio file does not give me the option to highlight the audio file. It only gives me the option to import the midi file. I have not upgraded for $49.99 to the premium. Is this the problem? I would assume that purchasing the zoom at the price that I did, with the software, would be the whole package and not just half therefore restricting me actions.

I just bought the upgraded version to Cubase 8 and still can’t get the audio files from the SD card or the music on my computer. Help!!


What happens, if you select File > Import > Audio File from the menu?

i think that you can connect via the USB in an I/o ? configuration. I simply pull the SD card out and put it into the computer and copy the file to desktop and/or import it into CB. I will check this out later.
Have a look at the manual about exporting audio.

I have finally figured out by everybody’s posts how to import the music from Zoom onto cubase. There is a configuration in the Zoom unit to set it up to transfer the music over to the Cubase 8. I then have to create a new project in order for the option to import a file to be able to transfer over to the computer. Thank you for all of your posts. Now, however, I cant hear the audio from my computer to mess around with the tracks. Any ideas why I cant hear the music through my computer with zoom plugged in to my computer? I can see the track and the tne moving forward, just no music.