Importing MusicXML into an *existing* flow

  1. I have an existing Dorico file for a large orchestral piece. The first movement (first flow) is finished and complete.

  2. I have a DAW-created Music XML file which contains piano sketches for the second movement. I’d like to import this file into Dorico to become the second flow. But I want to preserve the ensemble from Flow 1.

How do I do this?

I’d really like the piano sketches from the Music XML file to become new additional instruments (piano is fine) in the second flow. That way, I can copy/paste material from the sketches into the individual instrument tracks, then when orchestration is complete, I can delete the piano sketch tracks.

Choose File > Import > MusicXML to import the MusicXML file into your project as a new flow, and allow Dorico to create new players as needed. You may have to manually remove the newly-created Piano player from the existing first flow.

Thank you for this.

It did work as expected, but with a few quirks.

Upon importing the MusicXML for the second movement, the new (temp piano) staves for the second movement did NOT auto-add to the first movement, which is nice.

But I had to specifically enable every single instrument from the first flow individually. (I tried but couldn’t figure out a way to shift-click all of them at once.) And oddly, if I clicked too fast down the checkbox columns, some of them would become de-selected accidentally. I ended up having to slowly and methodically click on each one, wait a few seconds, then click on the next one. Odd behavior. Not a huge concern for what is basically a one-time operation, but it “felt” buggy. I can post a screen video if this isn’t clear.

And finally, once I did re-enable all the 1st flow instruments within the 2nd flow, the 2nd flow didn’t inherit all of the 1st flow’s custom stave bracketing. Again, not a huge deal since it’s a one-time operation, but it would have been nice if it had just inherited everything so that the 2nd flow was ready for work without me having to redo work.

You can use Ctrl (on Mac, Cmd) + click to select multiple players. Then check the flow box.


Thanks Dan. I had tried shift-clicking players and other things like that. That would temporarily choose multiple players, but then not let me batch-check them.

I think the procedure Dan described is to add the flow to the selected instruments, rather than adding the instruments to the flow.