Importing MusicXML Results in Dorico Not Starting with Bar 1

On a consistent basis I’ve noticed that when I import a MusicXML file, the first bar in my new Dorico project is NOT shown as bar 1. With my most recent project the first bar shows bar 4. I had no problem adding 3 bars to the beginning of the piece because I actually had to add three bars of music prior to bar 4, however, now the very first bar of music should be shown as bar 1, but it still shows bar 4.

Is it possible to change the bar number property so that the first bar of music actually says bar “1”?

Any assistance would be most appreciated.

Thank you
Tony Ventura

Hi Tony!
Right-Click in your first bar, this will open the context menu. There : Bar Number> Add Bar Number Change, put it to 1 and you’re set! You can do that in any bar (so no need to add bars at the beginning if you don’t need them)

Hope this helps

Incredible, now I feel dumb. Thank you so much MarcLarcher.