Importing musxml VDL notes from finale to dorico?

Hello everyone,

I have a finale file that is written for VDL snares/tenors/basses. I exported as musxml and am attempting to import into my dorico VDL template and copy notes to the flows that have the VDL instruments assigned. My import looks fine aside from some of the tenor drums being on the wrong line (easy enough fix by altering the perc mapping)

When I copy notes from the imported instruments into the VDL instruments (assigned to the flows I am using) There are no notes displayed, but I do get rests where there are triplets, and dynamics.

Just wondering if there is a good workflow or workaround for making this happen. I am using the VDL template from here: Marching percussion template for Tapspace Virtual Drumline – Dorico

There’s evidently some kind of mismatch between the percussion kit Dorico has invented based on the incoming MusicXML file, and the percussion kit in the Dorico VDL template.

It’s not going to be hugely fun, but I suggest you set both kits to appear using the individual instrument presentation type, so that each instrument appears on its own single line. Then you can select all the notes belonging to just one instrument in the imported flow, and paste it onto the correct instrument in the template flow. Once everything is copied across, you can set the presentation type back to the five-line staff appearance.

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Good idea, thanks! I’m not too worried about playback for now… that appears to be another beast entirely, and am waiting on the “updated” vdl template to be done before even attempting that.